it’s getting hot in here

day 8: september 26, 2007
meds: lupron, 10 units; prenatal vitamin
side effects: bloat, bruising, thirsty, scatter-brained and hot flashes!
mood: calm

it finally happened—my first hot flash. ugh. i was wondering if i’d get away with none. i had them terribly when i was on clomid and was hoping to escape flash-free on lupron. the one last night was much more mild than the ones of last winter. still, i may need to start carrying a fan. mom allen? can i borrow one?

so, the shot this morning was a “bleeder.” 😦 it didn’t hurt, but i’ve discovered when that happens you end up with the little purple polka dot on your tummy. thank goodness i have no need (nor desire) to sport a bathing suit anytime soon! (not even the worst hot flash would make me consider it!)

also, i noticed that my supply of needles is getting very depleted. i’m feeling a bit unfocused today, so someone please remind me to call the doctor and order some more? thanks!


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