big dipper

day 9: september 27, 2007
meds: lupron, 10 units; prenatal vitamin
side effects: bloat, bruising, thirsty, flash
mood: good!

when you’re trying to conceive, one of the first things they tell you to do is chart your temperature. you can glean a lot from taking your temperature at the same time daily. without getting into too much mind-numbing detail, here is basically how it works: before you ovulate, which usually happens mid-cycle, your temperature is generally lower. after you ovulate, your temperature is generally higher. if it stays up high for 17+ days past ovulation, it likely means you are preggers. if it starts to fall, it means the witch—another trying-to-conceive term for your period (said in hushed tones with a flushed face)—is on her way.

i am a temperature charter. it’s a very helpful tool. it helps you to obsess and i like obsessing. anyway, this morning my temperature took a huge nose dive—see?


normally, this would be very disappointing news and would likely result in a teary-eyed call to my mom. today, however, it is cause for celebration. last week i hinted at the upcoming appointment i have on monday. i said if “all things” look good, i’ll get to start taking stims the day after. well, this is one of those things. before i can start stims, i have to have gotten a period while on lupron. (the other two things are a cyst-free ultrasound and a blood estradiol level of less than 50.) now the witch hasn’t exactly shown her face just yet, but that huge temperature dip is a sure sign that she’s on her way. yay!


ps—shot no. 9 was just fine. 🙂


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