no beer for you!

day 11: september 29, 2007
meds: lupron, 10 units; prenatal vitamin
side effects: bloat, bruising, cramps, headache
mood: mixed

before this whole process, taking shots on the weekend meant tequila, not lupron. ole´!

ok. not really. no tequila for quite some time. that was by choice though, and now, now we aren’t supposed to be drinking. yup, that’s right. we. not just me. we aren’t that big of drinkers anyway and we’re actually allowed to have one or two drinks here and there throughout this process, but it bothered me last night when we were out with our friends that tripper couldn’t partake of the pitcher. after years on this roller coaster, i’m totally used to saying no thanks, but it made me feel bad to see him have to turn down a beer. it didn’t seem to bother him in the least—he was laughing and telling stories as if he’d chugged down a few. gotta love him! i know not drinking a beer isn’t a huge sacrifice or anything, it’s just the point of the whole thing. for the first time i realized that infertility affects his daily life, too. he’s not having to shoot up every day, but he is having to make choices. it made my heart ache and fill up at the same time. thank you for doing this with me, tripper. i raise my glass of water and say cheers to you. i love you very much. xox.

anyway, shot no. 11 is done. only two days until my suppression check! yay!


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