are we there yet?

day 20: october 8, 2007
meds: lupron, 5 units; follistim, 75 iu in morning, 75 iu at night; antibiotic two times daily; prenatal vitamin
side effects: bruising, ovary pains, bloating, tired
mood: ready!

i’m back from my morning ultrasound and i’ve got 18 follies blossoming! i’m getting pretty uncomfortable so i’m hoping we’re almost there! i’m guessing it’ll be a few more days before they tell me to trigger. tripper and i finish our antibiotics tonight, so it’s got to be soon! pretty exciting!

that’s about it for today. sorry to be short and sweet, but as i said, i’m a little uncomfy. i should be getting a call back with my blood levels and medication direction soon. i’ll post an update then. xox.

my estradiol levels are 1932, which lynn (my nurse) said is very good. my med doses are staying put tonight. i’m feeling ready!


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