transfer tomorrow!

day 26: october 14, 2007
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, doxycycline 2x daily, medrol, and progesterone shot!
side effects: cramping, tired
mood: excited

we just got the call and all 13 of our embryos made it through the night. they are in the cleaving stage, whatever that means. anyway, they want us to come in tomorrow for the embryo transfer! yay! stay tuned …

ps—we did the first progesterone shot last night. tripper is a trooper, that’s for sure! the needle was huge. it took us about 30 minutes to get up the courage to finally do it and would you believe that it didn’t hurt at all? funny, because i’ve always thought tripper was a huge pain in the ass. kidding! thanks for doing this with me, tripper! i love you!! xoxo


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