the two week wait

day 30: october 18, 2007
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, and progesterone shot
side effects: ever-so-slight cramping, bloating, bruised bum
mood: hopeful and a little sappy

it’s hard to believe, after 30 days of blood draws, ultrasounds, hormones, surgical procedures, shots and popping pills that all we have to do now is relax and wait! well, we still have the big, scary progesterone shots, but they’re turning out to be not so scary after all. right. (ask us about the gusher from last night!)

so, before we move on into this next nail-biting phase, i wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for joining us on the journey so far. i’m not sure we’d have been able to make it through without all your love and support. baby or not, we are already so very blessed. i also wanted to say a special thank you to ed for constantly being by my side and to tripper for all he’s done, especially in the past week—hugging me to sleep, putting a cold, wet cloth (or tube sock) on my forehead after surgery, keeping me hydrated with popsicles, walking ed, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, doing the shots, making sure i’m eating enough protein, making me laugh and making me feel so loved. he’s just the greatest, really. again, blessed.

so, what’s the next step? well, now we wait. for those trying to conceive, the term is called the “two week wait” or 2ww for short. it’s approximately the amount of time you have to wait from after ovulation until you get to take a pregnancy test. my blood pregnancy test is scheduled *i think* for a week from friday, but i’ll have to double check. i was a little loopy when they told us. anyway, during the 2ww is the time where you obsess over and scrutinize every little possible symptom. it’s way fun—stay tuned!!


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