what a difference a day makes

day 37: october 25, 2007
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, and progesterone shot
side effects: bloating, bruised bum
mood: hopeful again

we’re feeling better today after our little scare. this time yesterday i was beside myself with worry. this time today, i’m doing a-ok. i think it also helps that the red sox won game one last night! 😉

i’m happy to report that the bleeding has not returned—but the hope has. i’m still feeling crampy, but since our nurse said that’s ok, i’ve decided to believe her. our blood pregnancy test is scheduled for tomorrow morning, so we should all know something tomorrow night. (please, oh please!) my plan is to have the nurse call tripper directly with the results. then he’ll tell me when he gets home from work. good news or bad, i’d rather hear it from him. plus, either way i’m going to need a hug!

thank you, tripper, for being such a sweetheart during such a scary time. and thank you all so much for all your kind words and prayers yesterday—we feel very loved! let the phone calls resume!!


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