a day of celebration

day 40: october 28, 2007
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, and progesterone shot
side effects: bloating, bruised bum
mood: still so very excited 🙂

sorry for the later-than-usual post! there are two reasons …

first, we had a very busy day yesterday and i’m just now starting to recover! tripper and i joined scott and ashley, papa ger, mom allen and tripper’s uncle scott and aunt carol at the wedding of a family friend. it was a hindu wedding and a site to behold! it started at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and at 11:30 last night, we left—early! the dancing hadn’t even started yet and the crowd of 500 was just beginning to jump. i would have loved to have stayed, but we were all exhausted. if you’re doing the math, yes, we had to do our shot at the wedding. tripper’s mom stood guard at the bathroom door while tripper and i slipped into the ladies’ room. nobody suspected a thing. anyway, the ceremony was beautiful, though strangely casual—not in dress, but in attitude. tripper took lots of pictures, so i’ll be sure to post an update.

second, i wasn’t quite ready for the title of the last post to get bumped down by this one! i’m still so very excited and feel as if i’m in a dream. tomorrow is beta number two. please keep your fingers crossed for doubling numbers!


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