happy halloween!

day 43: october 31, 2007
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, and progesterone shot
side effects: bruised bum, a little tired
mood: excited!


i’ll be in training class today through friday so my posts are going to be later in the day. i didn’t want you thinking anything bad had happened because i wasn’t posting at the usual time—things are still going great! 🙂 ttyl!

i’m back! class was fun. it’s nice getting out of house for a change!

so, tonight when we were doing the progesterone shot, something very odd happened. we have this little ritual that we do … i prepare the shot and then call tripper over. i hand him the shot and then ice the area where we plan to do it. while i’m icing, tripper practices giving the shot into the palm of his hand (cap still on). he does this a few times just to make sure he has the right pressure and speed. it’s usually accompanied by various sound effects—whooshing noises and heeee-yahs!—but tonight it was a very loud, “ouch!” sometime in between the first practice and second, the cap fell off and he stabbed himself right in the middle of the palm of his hand. yipes! it bled a little bit and obviously hurt. poor guy! he didn’t actually plunge the medication into his hand, but i’m sure a tiny bit of progesterone got into his system. i’m off to do research right now. hopefully he won’t grow a uterus or anything! in the off chance he does, someone please call our doctor and have them start thawing those totsicles! that way we can go through pregnancy together! 😉


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