ob check

day: 6w4d
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, and progesterone shot
side effects: bruised bum
mood: yucky tummy

well, we’re off to our ob check! keep your fingers crossed it’s all good news. we’ll update when we get home!


it’s twins!

everything is looking good. we got to see and hear their little hearts beating!! so amazing. we have to go back in two weeks for another ultrasound. they want to make sure both of them decide to stick around. i guess there’s something called “vanishing twin syndrome” that happens quite frequently. i was kind of in shock so wasn’t really retaining all they were saying! tripper, pipe up if you remember anything more!!

anyway, here are some baby pictures! sorry about the quality—i had to take pictures of the pictures they gave us.

this is babyA:


this is babyB:


and here they are together:


i still think they look just like tripper!


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