i can’t think of a clever title. can you?

day: 6w5d
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, and progesterone shot
side effects: bruised bum, tired
mood: still in shock

last night when i went to bed it looked as if a bomb had gone off in our condo. there were dirty dishes in the sink, papers and magazines scattered everywhere, a rumpled blanket on the couch—it was bad. this morning when i got up, our place was gleaming. thank you so much, tripper. to a person who right now feels like buckling her shoes is an insurmountable task, you have no idea what a nice surprise that was! i love you.

unfortunately, tripper has to go out of town for the next two nights—leaving me alone with the progesterone shot (which we learned yesterday we’ll still be doing at least for two more weeks). my friend jenny is going to come over tonight and try to do it for me. i’m really embarrassed by the condition of my bum—if i knew i was going to have to show it to her at some point, i would have done a sneak preview back when it was high and tight from tennis, not when it’s all bruised, fat and lumpy. oh well. if she can’t bring herself to do it, i’ll be high-tailing it over to the doc in the box. fun! fun! it’s hard to believe we’ve been so lucky with tripper’s travel schedule up until this point. it’s like everything fell into place or something!


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