auntie jenny

day: 6w6d
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, and progesterone shot
side effects: bruised bum, tired, queasy
mood: good


meet jenny. she thinks it’s funny when people mistake me for her mom. i think it’s funny when people mistake her for a 12 year old. jenny came over last night to fill in for tripper on shot duty. in exchange for doing the shot, she secured her status as auntie. she did great! she practiced a few times on a banana and then without hesitation, got the progesterone in safe and sound. last night’s shot was unfortunately a bleeder, which i think scared her a bit, but she’s game to help me out tonight, too. thank you, jenny! who would’ve thunk it that the fresh-faced little intern from my days at the washington post would one day be in my kitchen in atlanta giving me a shot in the ass?

that’s how we met, jenny and me—not standing half naked in the kitchen, but up in dc at the post. she was only 19 years old (now 24) and a complete ray of sunshine on our design team. we kept in touch and grew close over the years. somehow, we both ended up here in atlanta. for that i am truly grateful. you know how sometimes you meet a person and they’re just such a bright spot in your life? that’s jenny—AUNTIE jenny. i’m so glad our kids will know her, too!

ps—in the photo, she’s doing another kind of shot in the kitchen. i’m guessing my dad made her do that one!


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