10 weeks.

day: 10w0d
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, and progesterone suppository
side effects: tired, queasy, headache
mood: scared

i wish i could put that banger (!) on the end of the title like i have done in past weeks, but the truth is, i’m scared. last night i had some light spotting and a little bit of cramping. it happened at 10pm and tripper and i watched it until we fell asleep at 3am. it seems to have stopped now and really wasn’t all that much, but i still feel nervous. i still feel a little bit of crampiness, but i’m not sure if it’s just in my head. i’m about to put a call into the doctor just in case. i’m hoping it’s perhaps the new progesterone that’s just irritated that area. we read that was a possibility. please say a prayer for the twinkies.

here’s what *hopefullly* is going on with them this week.
(from ivillage…)

By the end of this week, your baby will have verifiable fingers and toes. The tadpole appearance diminishes as the tail completely disappears. Eyelids fuse and will stay shut until weeks 25 to 27. Both the external ear and upper lip are complete, and the beginnings of external genitalia appear. The average size of your baby-to-be is 27 to 35 millimeters, crown to rump, or 1.06 to 1.38 inches. Your little one weighs in at a hefty four grams! At the end of the eighth week of gestation your little one is no longer an embryo; from now on he or she is refered to as a fetus.

ps—i need to make a dental appointment. anyone love their dentist?

just heard from the nurse. based on my description, she thinks everything is fine. phew!


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