weekend update

day: 11w4d
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, and progesterone suppository
side effects: tired, queasy, a bit crampy
mood: good

so, as promised, here’s a recap of our weekend:

friday night was awesome. i met tripper and his parents (love them!) at the thrashers game and then we stayed to watch tripper and his team take the ice. tripper played great! he even had a big-time penalty and got thrown in the box. they announced his name and he was on the big screen and everything. i’m so proud of him!

saturday was for shopping. i got gifts for the people in tripper’s office as well as my little friend jenny. and then i was exhausted and had to call it a day. i still have quite a few presents left to buy. my plan is to figure out the rest from home and then go shopping with a purpose rather than aimlessly wandering around.

sunday we went house hunting and found a beautiful place. its only downfall? it’s in marietta. tripper and i need to make a decision about whether we can live in the burbs. we are city dwellers at heart, so it’s not an easy choice. but the house is gorgeous and perfect for our growing family. it was kind of fun telling the agent why we were looking. turned out, she had twins of her own so she totally understood!


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