still in bed

day: 17w3d
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, iron supplement
side effects: still stiff, still creaky
mood: ok

well, i’m still in bed. today is the last day of prescribed bedrest, but my next appointment isn’t until thursday. i have a call into the doctor to understand what i’m allowed to do and what i’m not for the next few days. hopefully they’ll say i can eat at the table!

tripper was wonderful as always this weekend. he did a huge shopping and bought lots of mandarin oranges, my latest craving. and my little friend jenny came by last night. it was so nice to have company and she didn’t even make fun of how horrible i look!

and, a bit of good news … my friend tracy just found out over the weekend that her third ivf attempt was a success. yay! i’m so excited for her and her hubby, scott. sending lots of prayers for doubling vibes and extra stickiness her way!

bedrest extended until thursday. ugh.


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