good appointment and grand ideas

day: 21w3d
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, iron supplement
side effects: ligament pains, nose bleeding, heavy feeling
mood: good, missing tripper—again

tripper is out of town again until late tuesday night. i miss him so much when he travels. he actually had to miss my doctor’s appointment today—the first one he’s missed since we started this whole crazy rollercoaster! anyway, my appointment was good. i got to hear the hearts again (love that sound!) and learned i’d passed another test, this one for spina bifida. also, i now weigh 152 pounds. i gained 9 pounds last month! fatty-boomba-latty!

over the weekend, i nearly had a meltdown thinking the furniture we like for the nursery wouldn’t fit. so, we measured everything in inches and did a few floorplans to scale on the computer. (i put a person in there so you could see where it might be a tight squeeze getting around things.) what do you think? which is your favorite?


in the first scenario, the cribs come right off that big wall of windows we have. i like this option and think it’ll look cute when you peek in the door, but am a little bit worried about the windows being drafty. should i worry about that? i mean, the room isn’t that big anyway. tripper suggested we get a thermometer for the window and see what the temperature range is. he’s so smart.

the second opens up the room a whole lot. i’d have to give up the wall unit i love and just use a smaller changing table or that sideboard thing we already have with a changing pad up top. not so sure how i feel about a whole wall of cribs. would it look like a jail? maybe it could look pretty cute. thoughts?

the third option could also work and if we do this one, tripper has told me i can commission a matching monkey painting so we could hang one above each of the cribs. i love that idea!! i’d get the artist to do a “twin” monkey, but his shirt would be green instead of blue. we aren’t sure if the wall unit would feel really bulky when you walk into the room, so a dresser might be a better option for this scenario as well.

sorry so long! thanks so much if you weigh in!! i really value y’all’s opinions!!


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