internet outage

day: 23w4d
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, iron supplement
side effects: ligament pains, heavy feeling
mood: i could spit nails

hi everyone! our internet (and phone service) is out. i’m stealing wireless from my neighbor right now to write you this, so i better be quick in case he turns off his computer!! i didn’t want anyone worrying about us, so here’s a quick post!!

service went down yesterday around 2 o’clock and we still have none. hopefully they’ll get our service up and running soon, but i’m not holding my breath. the customer service at direcpath, the company that recently bought our provider, stinks. (that felt good to write!!) they can’t tell us anything other than that they are aware of the outage. since i work from home, this is producing quite the high level of stress—similar feeling to road rage.

anyway, i may tag along with tripper today so i can actually work. i’m nervous about it though. i haven’t been more than 30 feet from my bed since the bedrest/limited activity prescription and have to admit that i do need to use it a few times during the day. they do have a couch in the creative department at tripper’s office. perhaps the creative team won’t mind if i rest on it every few hours.


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