hold onto your sheets

day: 24w4d
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, iron supplement
side effects: ligament pains, heavy feeling
mood: good

before you read any further, i warn you this is long. it’s a glimpse into the crazy inner workings of my preggo brain …

i mentioned on saturday that my friend karen met me over at a fabric shop to pick out the nursery bedding. well, in true pregnancy fashion, i changed my mind. (seems as if i change my mind more than i change my underpants lately!!) you see, i had decided to go with a navy blue, lime green and white theme for the nursery—taken from that monkey painting we have. the bedding i picked had a navy box-pleat crib skirt with two white stripes near the bottom and a navy/white gingham bumper with lime green piping and ties. i was telling my mum all about it and she casually said a word that i couldn’t get out of my head. country. now i have nothing against country, but that definitely wasn’t the look i was going for. so on sunday, i dragged tripper to the store to look at it. he agreed with my mom. i canceled our order.

yesterday, i started having second thoughts about the navy blue. i love the idea of navy blue, it’s so crisp and clean, but i’m going to ditch it. i started thinking about our space and some of the stuff we already have. there’s a dark espresso brown sideboard in our office that has great storage space and could work as the changing table so i was trying to think of a way to keep it. the navy just kept getting in the way. without the navy, it opened up a world of possibility. so, buh-bye navy blue. of course i’ll still do the odd navy accessory or pillow, it just won’t be as big a part of the plan as i’d once envisioned.

anyway, today i’ve decided on this bedding. it’s white with punches of lime green. it’ll look amazing with the glider we picked and it won’t fight with the dark espresso brown.


isn’t it gorgeous?!? the material for the bumper is a white diamond matelasse piped with lime linen. the ties are also lime. the crib skirt is also white diamond matelasse with a center peekaboo box pleat and contrast trim in the lime. and the sheet is a bold houndstooth in sprout. i love it!

so here are my thoughts on how it will all tie together. (the current office set up is pictured below for reference). if the cribs are placed off the windows (where the desk is now), the sideboard will stay on the wall where it is. we’ll move the monkey painting all the way left so it lines up with the left edge of the sideboard. to the right side of the monkey, i’m thinking of hanging three floating shelves. the one closest to the sideboard could be espresso brown. the top one could be white and the one in the middle either green or brown and white striped. the green glider will be in the corner where the big leather chair currently lives and on the wall opposite the cribs, where you can just barely make out the leaning shelves, we’ll go for a low, white dresser. above that, i’m planning a grid of 12 black and white duck pictures (which tripper is going to take) with lime green mats and white frames.


voila! what do you think?!?


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