3-hour glucose tolerance test

day: 27w3d
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, iron supplement
side effects: ligament pains, heavy feeling
mood: ugh

i’m back from the 3-hour diabetes test. we’ll find out tomorrow afternoon if i passed or failed. the test was very tough. four vials of blood taken every hour on the hour after a day of fasting and having to drink the sweetest, most syrupy stuff ever. ugh. i few times during the test, i thought i was going to toss my (lack of) cookies. i broke into a sweat and had to keep repeating in my head, “don’t throw up. don’t throw up.”

tripper ended up having to come, too. originally we planned that i would just go and call him if i needed a ride home (i didn’t want to make him wait around for 4 hours, too). but it turns out they needed a vial of blood from him as well. my blood type is b- so they needed to see what his is as well to determine if i’ll have to go back for a special shot. yay, another shot!

so, now we’re home. we made a quick pit stop at mcdonald’s so i could eat. i decided if they’re going to restrict my diet tomorrow i may as well eat as much junk today as i can cram in. i feel a little better now that i’ve eaten, but i think i’m going to lie down the rest of the day and try hard not to barf.


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