nursery friends

day: 27w4d
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, iron supplement
side effects: tired, heavy feeling
mood: good


tripper did a little rearranging in the nursery—all the little friends were lined up and facing out of the crib. so cute!! i hated to move them, but we washed the mattress pad covers and the sheets last night and made up both cribs. it makes me happy and emotional to peek in there!

also, i wanted to share two new additions. yesterday we got the white chamois changing pad cover because i was nervous it would be gone (it’s on backorder on the pbk website). in addition to picking up that, tripper bought two of the cutest teddies—for dragging behind them, he said. i can’t wait to see what these teddies look like after being loved on! can’t you just picture macaroni and cheese-stained paws?


also, i wanted to give a mum update. she has to go in tomorrow for more diagnostic testing. i’ll keep you posted on that, too. hang in there, mum! it’s all going to be ok!! xoxox.


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