30 rocks, phone rings, bag that, dream a little dream and mum’s the word

day: 30w6d
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, iron supplement
side effects: belly pains, boredom
mood: ok

i have a lot to say today, so i’m going to break things up with subheads.

30 rocks
my sister-in-law, ashley, turns 30 today. just wanted to wish her a great, big happy one!! eat cake and boogie, ashley!!

phone rings
i got a really nice phone call yesterday afternoon from mamyrt (did we ever decide howto spell her name?!? mamyrt? mommyrt? let me know!). it was so nice to have a chat with her. i’m happy she keeps up with our blog and can’t wait to show her her newest great grandsons!!

bag that
i got a call from kit yesterday and she suggested i make a list for the hospital bag before we dive into nursery toiletries. good idea!! here’s what i have so far—and i’m pretty much at a loss here with no idea what i need to bring. again, if you’ve been there, done that let me know if i’m missing anything or if anything is not needed.

• pajamas for me
• undies for me
• camera
• books/magazines
• my toiletries (don’t forget chap stick)
• going home outfits for the twinks (preemie and newborn sized)
• blankets for the twinks

dream a little dream
last night i had a dream that i gave birth to one of the twinks. in a kroger. it was a super kroger though and along with the bank of america area and the starbucks area and the dmv area, they had a little labor and delivery area.

kit was with me and we were doing a little shopping (probably for my lists) when all of a sudden i told her it was time. we went to the checkout line for labor and delivery and it was short, so we were thankful. we got up to the front where they scanned my hand and then they took us back into a big room. i don’t remember the actual birth, but do remember them handing me my DAUGHTER!! she was 31 weeks, but looked full term and beautiful. she had tiny little features and big blue eyes and i was a good mom instantly.

when we went to leave, they had me sign some paperwork because she had a little bump on her head from delivery. then they said they’d given me something to keep the other twinkie in there until at least a week from thursday. great! right then, tripper pulled up and then we drove away with me babbling all about what had just happened.

so strange!

mum’s the word
my mum and dad came to visit yesterday for lunch. it was so nice to see them!! no projects this time, just a nice, long visit. we ate b.l.t.s and talked about future plans for when my mum is out and on the mend. she checks into st. joseph’s tomorrow at 5am. i so wish i was able to be there with her!! i promised i would keep the boys in the belly until she was out. let’s just hope i can keep that promise!!


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