day: 31w1d
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, iron supplement
side effects: oof.
mood: good


we got the nicest and most unexpected package in the mail yesterday!! i thought it was the sheets we ordered but it turned out to be a gift from some old family friends—the dooleys. thank you bob and marion!! inside we were delighted to find two hand-knit baby blankets that are just adorable. they start out white, blend to a very light blue and then go back to white. and they smell so good!! i can’t wait to wrap the babies in them!!

and—AND—we also got two super cute red sox outfits. the red sox logo is on the front, and a little baseball is on the bum. so cute!! and so funny since tripper likes the yankees! ha!


and now for a little update …

things with me are ok. bedrest is difficult, but i think i can do it. alex has been moving around so much and max has been pretty quiet since yesterday.

my mum is doing well. she didn’t remember talking to me yesterday so i’m glad i called this morning. today and tomorrow will likely be tough for her thinking about the surgery. monday she won’t remember at all and tuesday she’ll be on the mend! yay!


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