big day

day: 31w3d
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, iron supplement
side effects: big
mood: hopeful

my mum is in surgery right now—and i am on the couch. 😦
i really hate not being there with her. please say a prayer. i will update as soon as i hear from my dad.

my dad just called and my mum is out of surgery. the doctor said everything went well. they ended up using a mechanical valve instead of a pig one, so now she’s bionic and smells like bacon 😉

the doctor said she’ll pretty much be asleep for the rest of the day, so that’s a good thing. and she’ll have that amnesia drug so she won’t remember today at all. also good. my dad hasn’t gotten to see her yet. they have very strict visiting in the cv-icu. the next time is 1:30-2, so they will bring him to her then. hopefully i’ll have more news after that visit.

*another update*
my dad finally got to see her. she’s totally not alert, but did recognize his voice. he told her she did great, that the surgery was a success and she’ll definitely be around to meet the twinkies. she smiled when he said that!!

he also spoke to dr. wolf who said that while they were in there he noticed another valve that needed to be repaired. because he touched two valves instead of just the one, she’ll be in cv-icu for two days before moving back to her own room.

thanks so much for all the phone calls, emails and prayers. xoxox


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