day: 31w4d
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, iron supplement, some kind of iv, brethene
side effects: ligament pains, heavy feeling, contractions
mood: a little scared

tripper here, blogging on behalf of my better half, although she’s dictating a lot of this.

we went in this morning for a regular appointment with our ob, followed by an appointment with the high-risk doctor as a follow-up to last week’s visit. the early morning visit went well and (thankfully) short, so that i could get coffee because …

our second visit is still going on. in fact, we’re not sure how long we’ll be here. holly’s cervix has shrunk from 2.1cm last week to about 1.2cm this week. i’m glad they made us come back this week, so we could find that out. in turn, that led us to hook holly up to a contraction machine, which then led us to discover that she’s been having contractions that she’s not aware of. not giant ones, but contractions nonetheless.

so that’s led us to where we are right now, which is in a kind of holding room at northside womens center/hospital. they’re giving holly some drugs to slow down contractions (which seem to be working right now) and they’ve got her hooked up to an iv for liquids, but she really wants a cheeseburger (as do i).

we’ll keep updating the blog, but everything is going well. i think they’re more concerned about keeping the contractions away than anything medical-emergency-related. all in all, it does kind of drive home the fact that we’re actually going to have kids. we’ll learn more about how long (or short) we’re staying in the next hours. there’s a chance they may send us back home.

update on holly’s mom: she’s doing well. we’re right across the street from her, so we’re going to rig up a mirror/smoke signal system if we have to stay.

they decided to admit us at least until thursday. we’ll know more then. they’ve given us some steroid injections to speed up the lung development in the boys. more soon.


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