belly shot monday

day: 32w3d
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, iron supplement, colace, procardia
side effects: bad hair, aches from being the size of a whale
mood: monday

i wanted to post a belly shot today (i actually took one), but i got busted by dr. jo for sitting up and she made me lie back down. so, we’ll have to try again around lunch time.

anyhow, medically it’s been uneventful this weekend for me. the twinks are doing great and my contractions are under control. i’m supposed to go for an ultrasound this morning to check on my cervix and then we’ll learn if i can do bedrest at home or if i’ll need to stay. i’m fine with whichever way they decide. staying here means a peace of mind you don’t get at home. plus i’ve had so many visitors—thanks for coming to see me this weekend karen, susan, jeff, hanley, dad, papa ger’, mama lin’ and tripper!! i know i wouldn’t get so many visits at home. on the other hand, being at home has its advantages, too. comfy couch, my own bed, a razor, tripper—you know. ed isn’t there now—he’s vacationing in south georgia at camp americus. tripper’s parents took him there saturday since he seemed so sad and lonely. thanks guys for taking care of my boy!!

in other news, my mum did get to go home. she’s doing great and i’m so very proud of her!!


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