i love visitors!

day: 34w3d
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, iron supplement, procardia
side effects: cramping, contrax, lots of movement (by the twinks, not me)
mood: good

sorry for not posting for a few days. i was tired … from all the wonderful visitors i’ve had!! i can’t even begin to tell you how it lifts the spirits to see friendly faces!!

on friday afternoon, my weather channel friends janine and olga came to see me. i hadn’t seen them in so long! we chatted and gossiped for a good hour and a half!! olga brought us the cutest twin picture frame and janine brought over the template for a monkey she’s making us. sooooo cute! thanks girls!!

saturday my friend amy, who was in town from north carolina, came to visit. yay!! she looked great!! she and tripper hugged when she got here and looking at them i swear it was like we were back in college. neither of them have changed a bit! it was fun getting to spend time with her and the goodies she brought the twinks were so cute!! she wrote messages to them inside of two books that were so sweet i teared up. i can’t wait to read them to max and alex!!

then scott and ashley came over for dinner. we ordered chinese and were planning on playing board games, but ended up chatting and watching hockey. it was lovely!! they brought the twinks the cutest quacking duck from their trip to tokyo. i decided to call him kobayashi, after the japanese hot dog-eating champion!

after they left, i started having some pretty big contractions. when we went to bed it was about 4 an hour. on sunday morning, i woke up at 5 still with the contractions. by 7, tripper and i had called the on-call doctor and had to just sit and wait for him to call back. i really thought i was going into labor, but it turned out to be a false alarm. whoops! turns out my medication is stalling out before it’s time to take the next one. they’re going to reevaluate my dose at my next appointment. the worst part is that i made tripper miss an outing to the zoo with his friend bob. bob was going to teach tripper how to use his new camera and tripper was so excited. i hope they’re able to reschedule soon!

yesterday afternoon, julie dropped by with her baby, bailey. he’s so cute! he’s only 6 months old but already weighs 22 pounds!! tripper got to practice a baby photo shoot with him. it was fun seeing tripper tickle bailey and make him laugh. he’s going to be such a good dad!

and today my parents are going to drop by to do the finishing touches on the nursery. yay!

ps—happy memorial day! i hope you all had good, long weekends!


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