curtain call

day: 34w4d
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, iron supplement, procardia
side effects: general aches from being jumbo-sized
mood: good

my mum and dad came over yesterday so my dad and tripper could hang the curtains. two trips to home depot and about three hours later, they had success! because the windows are so wide, they had to concoct an unusual solution to get the rod up. once that was done, the curtains were hung! voila! unfortunately, i don’t love the curtains. overall, they give kind of a big top feel, which is not what i was going for. so i’m back to searching online for the right ones. at least the rod is up!!

today i’m allowed to do some limited activity. my plan is to do a load of twinkie clothes. i’m washing all the preemie and newborn stuff for their birthday. my plan is to donate the clothes that are too small to the nicu if need be. they are so small!! i’m guessing we’ll be right on the cusp edge of whether they’ll fit in those or if they’ll go straight to newborn size. i’ll keep you posted!!

finally, my dad and ashley suggested setting up some kind of betting pool on when the twinks might arrive. if you want to play, click right here.


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