everything looks good!

day: 34w6d
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, iron supplement, procardia, tylenol, benadryl
side effects: cramps, itching, hugeness, dislocated hips (at least it feels that way)
mood: good

we met with our ob, dr. howard, today. i rattled off a long list of complaints and he said it was all completely normal. he decided to keep me on the procardia and continue with our plans of having a c-section. in his opinion, it’s the safest way to deliver twins. i’m relieved about that. he thinks i’ll be able to go until june 16, so i just need to buck up and hang in there. 18 more days. he did give me a lot of stuff to try to keep me comfortable until then, like tylenol for the pains and benadryl for the itching. so, we shall see!


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