gratefully miserable

day: 35w4d
meds: prenatal, baby aspirin, iron supplement, procardia, tylenol pm
side effects: waaaaaaaaa
mood: mixed emotions

well, everything is looking good! i’m relieved and so very grateful that we are doing so well, but at the same time i’m absolutely miserable.

the boys have great blood flow to all the right places. they are measuring right on track. they even have lots of fluid to move around in. one of them is weighing in at 5 lbs., 15 oz. the other is right behind at 5 lbs., 13 oz. that’s almost 12 pounds of baby in my belly. which is why, i’m guessing, i’m so uncomfortable. i wonder if i weren’t so darn short if the whole carrying twins thing would be easier. maybe if i wear heels? stilts?

so, alex has his head wedged way down in my pelvis. it doesn’t hurt him, but is the reason i’m having such a hard time walking. it really feels like my hips have come unhinged. that and all my contractions, cramps, aches, pains, swelling, itching and fragile emotional state are all perfectly normal. so, there you have it. i just need to hang in there until the boys are ready. easier said than done.

in other news, tripper took the circus curtains back to restoration hardware last night. while he was at the mall, he picked up a few cute outfits that totally made me laugh. they look like cabana wear. perfect for their summer debut! he also brought home a beautiful new watch for me from lacoste. i love it!! it has the little alligator logo at high noon. too cute!

we have another appointment tomorrow morning with our regular ob. i’ll keep you posted on that as well.


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