eye, i-talian, aye-yi-yi

a few things to note today …

little alex’s left eye seems to be a bit swollen. we noticed it last night. it’s not red and irritated, just puffy. a call will soon be placed to the pediatrician.

great uncle skip and great aunt linda stopped by last night to see the twinks and to bring us a full-on italian spread from maggiano’s. wow! we filled up on salad, bread and lasagna and we still have two entire containers full of pasta that are now neatly placed in single servings in the freezer. thank you so much, skip and linda! we really appreciate it!

last night was a little rough. we went to bed earlier than usual (10pm), so it felt like two middle of the night feedings instead of just the one. at midnight, alex had a mean growler of a poop. it took me 11 wipes to get it all up. poor thing. and not to be outdone, max had his turn at 3:30. his wasn’t quite as messy, but was just as dramatic. it’ll be nice when the boys get off the neosure formula and onto something more easily digestible. nice for us anyway! until then, let the calorie fest continue. eat boys, eat!


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