just plain scary

after today’s noontime feeding and activity session, i was applying the warm compress to alex’s eye—that’s what the pediatrician told us to do. tripper had swaddled max up tight and he was softly sleeping in his crib.

after about 5 or so minutes with the compress, alex had had enough. i got up to put him in his crib. i looked in on max and was horrified to see throw up coming out of his mouth and both nostrils. i screamed for tripper. tripper scooped him up and started smacking his back. max coughed and all was ok. the whole thing lasted only a second, but now we’re both scared to put him down. what if we’d been sleeping? he never even made a peep.

my friend jen says you have to have faith that you have good guardian angels on your side. i sure hope we do. please, god, watch over little alex and little max.


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