good evening and not-so-good night

last night my mum and dad came over to visit. so far every time they’ve come the boys have been absolute saints. we tease that my parents must be good luck charms.




after my dad left, my mum (who is staying this week) got to experience the cute to wretched thing that happens in the night. now i think it’s my dad that’s the good luck charm! dad, if you’re reading this come back!! please!

the wretchedness started earlier than usual with an unusual throwing up incident by alex at around 10. because his belly was basically empty, he woke up screaming about an hour and a half later. we didn’t figure out it was hunger until after we’d tried everything else. we fed him and got him calm just in time for max to start up. basically, since they got off schedule, we were up every hour and a half last night feeding or changing or calming. it was brutal. tripper did the wee morning hours all by himself again. i thought he should sleep and get rest, but he was wide awake and insisted. then he had to get up and go in to the office today—his first day back since the twinks were born. i don’t envy him! hopefully soon we’ll figure out the nighttime routine. for all our sake.


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