we survived the night!

we made it!! our first night alone and we did just fine. the boys woke up around 1:30 and again at about 5:45 to eat. both had huge poopy diapers during the night and everything still was ok. so ok, in fact, that this morning i decided to try to clip alex’s fingernails. i did just as nurse laura instructed and it was fine … until nail #9. instead of nail, i pinched his finger. oh no! he screamed so loud!!! i felt so bad. nurse laura said it would happen and that a pinched (or clipped) finger was much, much better than a scratched cornea. i kept repeating that to myself over and over.

it took a while to soothe him after, but once he was calm i got the best reward a new mum can get—a real live smile! oh. my. god! even after pinching his finger, he still loves me!! and i’ve fallen in love all over again.

i think i’ll wait to do max until tomorrow.


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