letter: month two


you smiled! not the quivery-gassy variety, but the whole light-up-your-face kind—and it totally made us fall in love with you all over again. you’ve only done it twice so far, so we are really looking forward to seeing more.

this month must be all about the facial expressions for you because you’ve also got “the pout” down pat. you stick out your little bottom lip, which is absolutely heartbreaking but so very cute at the same time! you first did this right after you got your one-month shot and now you do it whenever you are the slightest bit unhappy. apparently, my dad—your grandpa—also did this as a baby. he still does it now, but it’s not nearly as adorable!!


your eyes, which you kept mostly closed for quite some time, are always wide open now. they’re an amazing shade of blue and so very big! who knew you were keeping such a dazzling secret?! you’re starting to notice more and more now—even your little brother, which pleases him to no end. you still love staring at your red bunny and i love watching you do it. i also love looking at you and having you look right back at me. feeding you your bottle is the best. there is love in your eyes—love for me—and that makes me so very happy. i still can’t believe you are here!


this month has brought a newfound love of tummy time. rarely does it turn into a nap anymore. you love to lift your head and seem proud of yourself for doing so. on your back, you’ve somehow learned to scoot. we haven’t actually seen you do it, but we know you are. we put you down swaddled in one place and come back to find you unswaddled and in another. if the crib slats weren’t there to stop you, there’s no telling how far you’d go!

you really seem quite the happy and content little boy. you can entertain yourself by flapping your arms or kicking your feet. you’ve started “talking” and i think you like the sound of your voice. you say ning (like ring) and guh (like gum) a lot. guuuuuuuuuuh. i have no idea what you’re saying, but could totally listen to you all day long.

you’ve become quite the multi-tasker in this, your second month. every time you eat, you also like to toot. in fact, you toot so much i sometimes feel as though you’re a teen-aged boy instead of a little baby! you must feel right at home. 😉


in between all the farting, there is a sweet little noise that you’ve started to make while you eat. it’s a comforting little coo—it’s got pattern and rhythm and you really get to humming! you are eating very well on the new bottles we got and have only thrown up one time since we changed them almost a month ago. knock on wood.

this month you’ve become even more alert and playful than in your first, which is hard to believe. you get very excited at the mere mention of david beckham soccer camp. you really enjoy story time and you still absolutely love your stuffies! you’ve really taken to a black and gray puppy that now sits in your crib. you stare and squeal at your stuffies and sometimes just the sight of them is enough to make you cry out with excitement! unfortunately, all the excitement has caused you to become overstimulated on more than one occasion. when this happens, nothing can calm you down. it’s a good thing you’re cute!


you and your brother both graduated out of preemie clothing and into size 0-3 this month. this was super exciting for mommy because it meant you could start wearing all your cute little clothes!! one day you were wearing an outfit that said “let’s go surfing” on it. your dad decided to teach you how and you haven’t looked back. if you can hang 10 off it, you will surf on it—the crib, the coffee table, the bumbo chair. you’re quite good, actually, and have earned the nickname moon doggie. you really like being called moon doggie and it makes us laugh.

the only place you haven’t “surfed” yet is in the actual water. mom and dad are too afraid to play around near the wet stuff, so it’s pretty much all business in the tub. even still, you love the bath. in fact, the first smile we saw was just as your bum was lowered into the warm water. it wasn’t a huge smile—more of a grin—but it was enough to let us know that hey! you like this! it was also enough to make mommy and daddy feel so glad to know that we’re making you happy. we love you so very much!



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