2-month checkup


one forgotten diaper bag, two little notes, four bandaged legs, six months of neosure, seven eight nine, ten pounds plus two ounces, eleven pounds plus nine ounces—that pretty much sums up our day!

the boys had their two-month checkup and they did great!! they started the appointment off right by letting dr. segal find the two little notes they had for her in their pockets.

alex’s little note said:
dear dr. segal, please don’t hurt me! love, alex.
max’s little note said:
dear dr. segal, please give my shots to alex! love, max.

the laugh we all shared soon turned to screaming as the boys got all their shots. they cried for a spell after, but really did very well. we learned that max is weighing in at 10#2oz., and alex is a whopping 11#9oz. holy. cow. even though they are gaining great weight, the doctor wants to keep them on neosure until they hit six months. she said *maybe* she’d reconsider at their four-month check, which will be october 13.

after the checkup, we had to run a few errands and then we stopped by tripper’s office. it was fun to show off the boys! max had a horribly stinky poopy diaper and poor alex had another fit of shrieking, but everyone seemed to like them anyway!


when we got home, we fed them and then put them in their cribs. right now they are both fast asleep—i hope dreaming of something wonderful.


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