after reading about some twins that were accidentally burned by a just-out-of-the-oven falling birthday cake, i have a rule: no twins in the kitchen. ever.

a few nights ago, tripper was wearing max in the bjorn and walked into the kitchen to chat while i made up some bottles. i reminded him of my rule, so he stepped back to the other side of the door frame. in true tripper fashion, he started playing around—hiding around the corner and just sticking max’s hand or little foot across the plane of the kitchen. i’d yell, “max! no twins in the kitchen!” and he’d disappear only to do it again a minute later. after a few times i thought we had finished the game and went back to making bottles.

when i was done with the bottles, i turned to walk out and was completely startled to see max standing on the floor peering around the corner into the kitchen! i was so startled, my heart started pounding and i let out a half-gasp/half-shriek kind of noise!! max is super cute and all, but seeing him down there scared the sh*t out of me!! so creepy—sort of like a mix between that dancing baby from ally mcbeal, a gremlin and chucky! plus, you just didn’t expect it, ya know?

anyway, tripper and max have been scaring mommy for the past few days with this little trick. it gets me every time. here’s a recreation …


tripper is going out of town next week. i swear if i hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet on the floor and look up to see max standing there or darting across the doorway, you will totally see a holly-shaped hole in the wall!


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