weekend update

we had a really great birthday weekend!

it started out pretty shaky on friday night. both boys were being very grumpy. i’m sure it was from their shots earlier in the week. i’ve never heard so much crying and carrying on. uncle scott and aunt ashley had volunteered to babysit for us so tripper and i could go out for my birthday. we ended up having to take a rain check because the boys were such grumps. i wouldn’t have felt right about leaving scott and ashley with them in the moods they were in—i’m trying to encourage the arrival of some cousins, after all—not to mention they were both having explosive poops.

so, we spent our friday night each holding a little munchkin, watching the olympics and eating take out from cafe prego. not a bad night, actually!

saturday was so fun! after all the pooping on friday, we decided to give the boys a morning bath. then we walked the squeaky clean butter beans to the jewelry store to get my ring—yay! they sparkled just as much as everything in the cases. i’m sure tripper and i were just beaming! after the jewelry store, we walked over to the new chick-fil-a and had lunch outside. they have the best lemonade in the world. we fed the boys and just enjoyed sitting and people watching on peachtree. atlanta is starting to feel like a real city! with pedestrians and everything!

after lunch, we started to walk home. we passed by the grooming lounge and tripper decided to get a haircut (so cute!). while he was busy getting groomed, the boys were busy pooping up a storm! i didn’t really know what to do! after tripper was done, we convinced a security guard to let us in a building to use their bathroom. there wasn’t a changing table thingy in there, so we just put our pad down on the sink. we did max first—he was fussing the loudest. then we did alex. as i started to pick up alex, i noticed something greenish in his hand. i couldn’t really tell what it was and then realized it was soap! he had been waving his hand under the automatic soap dispenser and had a whole fist full! so, we got his hand cleaned up—so many suds—and left. our first public diaper changes!

scott and ashley met us at home for an after-dinner drink. the boys were ok at first, but then max had a meltdown and our evening came to an end. i need to learn how to better split my focus on the boys and company. sorry guys, i failed miserably!!

sunday tripper had to do some work stuff and my parents came by. we had a fantastic visit!! they brought me a place setting of our fine china, a set of adorable oven mitts and a mom agenda!! i’ve been wanting a mom agenda for years but didn’t want to jinx myself!! they also brought cupcakes. i refused to let my mum light them though because i was afraid the smell might set off max again. freshly blown out candles smell good, but overstimulation stinks! i didn’t get to make a wish, but that’s ok. mine already came true. twice!


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