this time last year

it’s hard to believe that this week last year tripper and i were vacationing in europe. this year i’m vacationing without tripper in north georgia. believe it or not, i wouldn’t trade places if i could. i mean, i’d love for tripper to be here and i did love our time in paris and london, but i’ve got the boys with me. oh how i love the boys!!

last year as we walked the streets of paris and london we still had ivf ahead of us. we were scared and hopeful, terrified and excited. we bought a toy in the cutest toy store in paris for luck.


crazy how much can change in a year, huh? never in my wildest dreams did i think we’d be sitting here a year later with not one, but two gorgeous boys. what a blessing! i thank god every day for them. and for tripper. not many people would do what he did for me.

ok, before i start getting too sentimental, i thought i’d post some pictures from our european trip. i wonder if we’ll be able to travel like that with the boys in the future. i sure hope so. i can totally picture us strolling them by the eiffel tower or baby bjorning past the tower of london. i mean if they act up, we can just leave them there, right? at the tower of london? where the bad people go? kidding!!

here are the pictures …

tripper taking a picture of the eiffel tower:


a beautiful blue door somewhere in paris:


inside the nell gwynne, one of our favorite london pubs:


tripper sitting in charles dickens’ seat at ye olde cheshire cheese pub:


my plate of fish and chips from the rock and sole:


us outside westminster abbey:


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