doctor, doctor

we’ve got alex’s appointment on the books. he goes in next tuesday morning for a two-hour evaluation. this will tell us the severity of his torticollis. call me crazy, but it doesn’t look that bad to me. i guess the x-rays will tell. please keep your fingers crossed for him. i don’t mind doing all the physical therapy with him so long as he’ll be ok. bless him.

and as for me, well i’ve got a few issues of my own going on. if anyone says they already knew that, beware! i had my final post partum checkup today as well as my annual exam. i rattled off all the things that have been bothering me since having the twinks and everything was pregnancy related except for two items on the list—

1. my aching heels
2. my vision

my heels he suspects are related to rapid weight gain and loss and is sending me to a podiatrist to check it out. i can make that appointment whenever.

my vision he thinks is something called an optical migraine and is sending me to a neurologist sooner than later. basically, i see carnival lights flickering around my peripheral vision and the spot where i’m actually trying to focus is empty—sort of like a hole in my vision. this has happened about four times now and lasts usually for about 20 minutes. he wants to nip it in the bud. i’ll keep you posted.


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