i feel like goldilocks

so, we’ve been sleeping on our new bed for one week now. we don’t like it. we ended up getting a tempur-pedic and though it is luxurious, we just can’t get used to the feel of it. it’s supposed to be an incredible sleep experience, contouring to your body and all, but we miss the springy-ness of a coil mattress. tripper nailed it when he said he likes to dive into bed, but with this mattress it’s more like diving into a pile of sand. it is like that. you don’t toss and turn, but i think it’s because you can’t toss and turn. it’s impossible to even scootch over a little bit since the molding and contouring is always going on. i love that you can raise the head and foot—and the boys like that you can turn the whole thing into a giant bouncy seat with the massage feature—but the truth is i’m just not sleeping well.

we went back to the store this morning and talked about our options with the store manager. they ask that you sleep on it for 30 days before making a decision, since it is such a different feel. but he said if we were unhappy, he’d go ahead and let us make an exchange. you are only allowed one return, so we decided to come home and do our homework on mattresses. if we decide to return it, i think we may go with the heavenly bed instead. gah! what to do? what to do?


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