unhappy max.

we had an unhappy max on our hands most of the day yesterday. he seemed really fussy unless he was basically draped over someone’s shoulder. we were able to get a few laughs here and there, but for the most part he seemed uncomfortable. we think it’s reflux. we’ve mentioned it to the doctor before and she had us 1. change his bottles, 2. keep him upright for 30 minutes after eating, 3. use mylicon drops for gas.

yesterday we did a little research and learned that we should put his mattress on an incline as well, so we did that.

anyway, his discomfort (and screaming) got so bad this morning that i called the doctor. even though it’s been talked about before, she wouldn’t prescribe anything without seeing him. so tripper had to come home from work to take him. i hope everything is going ok! this is the first time the boys have been separated. this is not the first time my emotions have been a scrambled mess.

tripper and max are back. max got a prescription for reflux. he and alex are just going down for a nap together now. tripper brought home some awesome macaroni and cheese for lunch.


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