we took the boys back to the bar at the intercontinental hotel friday night and met up with our friends kim and jim and their brand new baby, reese! reese has the most perfect little lips you have ever seen! it was great to get out—even better to get out with friends. auntie jenny even met up with us for a drink before she went out having fun for the night 🙂

last time we were out alex conked off early, but this time he was awake for the duration. he even danced with dad. max, on the other hand, stayed sound asleep the entire night—if you were to ask him, he probably didn’t even realize we had gone out! it was fun to watch alex once the jazz band got going. i think he really likes music. he waved his arms about like a conductor and sang along—ooooouuuummmmm, goooowaaaah, goooooooo.

here are some snapshots. kim, jim and reese:


jim and reese, tripper and alex:


tripper, alex and auntie jenny:


tripper and alex dancing:


packing it up:


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