reflux report and a first

sorry for not updating yesterday—i was a little overwhelmed from the appointment and then had to catch up on work. anyhow, the doctor confirmed the reflux and said on top of that, max has a classic case of colic. fun, fun! he kept max on prevacid and suggested adding … drumroll please … oatmeal to his formula. bet you thought i was going to say rice, huh?

so, both boys had their first taste of oatmeal this morning! it’s not the kind you’re thinking of—it looks more like sugar and they just get a teaspoon in their bottles. they had so many choices in the grocery store, but i picked one called happy bellies. that has to work, right?! so far so good. there hasn’t been any yelling this morning and an awful lot of happy chatter has been going on. fingers crossed this is just what he needed!

ps—max weighed 12# 13oz., and alex tipped the scales at 15 pounds. chunker.


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