excuses for not blogging …

let’s see … we’ve been busy bees!

on saturday morning papa ger’ came to visit with the boys. then we took them up to alpharetta to visit with rich, rachael and their adorable daughter, seren, at kit and pat’s house. the boys were so bad! we finally got them calm just in time for everyone to leave. noooo! it was great to see rich (he married us!!) and meet his family—unfortunately i forgot to take any pictures. boo on me.

on sunday uncle scott and aunt ashley popped over for a fun visit with the boys and this time i remembered the camera! yay for me!

here they are goofing around with alex:


i always wonder if the boys think everyone constantly walks around with their mouths open like that! 😉

here is max showing uncle scott how to work the playmat. get that giraffe, scott! get it!


on monday night i went to my first mothers of multiples meeting. it was fun meeting so many moms of twins! they encouraged us to bring any kinds of crafts we make to sell at the mothers marketplace—i sold zero pieces, but i’m not discouraged. quite the opposite, really. later this week, i hope to open up a shop on etsy.com to sell my bumbleknees prints. yay! there. now you know. now i have to do it, right!?! anyway, here’s a sneak peek—


i’ll have bumbleknees (girls), bumble boys and doublebumbles (twins/siblings) all doing fun poses in fun little outfits. keep your eye out on the upper right corner of the blog. when the store is open, you’ll see something new up there. yay!

that brings us to today. our nanny didn’t show, so we had to scramble. luckily my mum was able to come. phew! but now we are all exhausted.



ps—did i mention both boys have diarrhea? fun! not.


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