thank you mickey mouse

today i did something i swore i’d never do—and here it is only five months in. i plopped max and alex in their bouncy seats in front of a mickey mouse cartoon to see if it would give me a moment of silence. it did. 15 whole glorious moments. i got the bed made, ran the vacuum and loaded the dishwasher and am writing this post. thank you mickey mouse.

i’m not sure why max’s reflux is suddenly acting up again. it’s been totally great for about a month. now, the poor boy does back bends when you place him on his back. it seems the only position he’s comfortable in is standing. that makes for a pretty long day. and it makes me feel bad for alex. thankfully he’s a content little guy and will sit there and smile at you even though he’s not getting his turn being held. and did i mention tripper is out of town? yeesh.

i also have to take alex in today at 1:30 to have his head re-scanned. when the company started to make his helmet, they noticed a tiny jiggle in the scan where he must have moved his head. it should only take about five minutes—plus the getting him ready time, the drive over time, the drive back time … you get the idea!

ps—happy birthday, papa ger’! we love you!


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