helmet woes

i just got back from taking alex to have his helmet adjusted. i don’t know what to think. you know how sometimes you get a little voice in your head telling you something’s just not right? i’ve got that. i hope it’s just me being a classic first-time mum—overly sensitive, too protective—but i don’t know.

the voice is saying that they took too much away from the helmet and it’s not going to do its job. or worse, it’ll cause more issues. what do you think?

this was before the adjustment, when the helmet seemed to fit ok, just got a little twisty …


and here is after. the “bangs” are shorter, the right ear hole is now so large it can’t cover up his ear and the left ear is still getting pushed forward. i don’t know what to think. i just want to do what’s right for my baby …

front view:


alternate front view:


left ear:


right ear:


if you have any experience with this, please pipe up!!


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