my friend kim came by tonight with a cup of starbucks for me (thank you!) and her cute-as-a-button daughter, reese. reese was born in august (8/8/08—how cool is that?) and is the boys’ first official playdate. she’s the one who introduced the boys to blabla toys and is the reason we have the lovely cow riding a fish wearing a hat mobile. yay!


when i imagined them having a playdate i’m not sure what i pictured in my head—giggling? sharing toys? a game of twister maybe? turns out there wasn’t a whole lot of interaction. reese sat in the boys’ swing, max jumped in his horsey and alex cried in my lap. it was really nice for me once alex calmed down (all it took was a bottle and tripper coming home). i think playdates at this age are really for the moms. it was nice to chat and sip coffee and forget all about the helmet nightmare for just a little while. plus it was fun to be around a little girl. she’s so different from the boys. her skin is softer and her features more delicate. her coos are adorable—such a little lady and so very different from what i know.

we are hoping to make these playdates a regular thing. i would like that very much and i’m sure the boys would, too! it will be fun to watch their friendships grow.


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