road trip: charlotte

the past 24 hours have been crazy. cra-zeeee. we drove up to charlotte late last night. we got to our hotel about 1 o’clock in the morning. the boys were so excited. they’d never stayed in a hotel before!




6:30AM came awfully early, but we wanted to be dressed and fed for our appointment at cranial technologies.

when we arrived, they brought alex into a room for a photo shoot.



he was such a good boy!

then we met with one of the therapists and she went into full detail about the treatment program with the doc band. my heart is telling me to go with the doc band. it seems like it’ll be a much better fit for alex and will do wonders for his head, which we learned is 15mm off symmetry (the average population is between 2-4mm). in other words, his case is classified as severe. they think alex will wear this band for 8-10 weeks as opposed to five months—another plus! but, there are a few things giving me pause. first, have i really given the first helmet a chance to succeed? this is a hard question because there’s only a finite period of time that cranial reshaping will work. on one hand, i don’t want to waste precious time. on the other hand, i want to give the helmet a fair shake. second, it’s unlikely our insurance will cover this. the jury is still out on the first helmet, so i’m guessing it’ll be a resounding NO for the second. third, the drive. the boys slept the whole way there, so even though it poured with rain the entire time, the drive up wasn’t too bad. the drive home was a totally different story. lots of stopping and screaming and crying. then a huge delay for a bad accident. it took us just over 7 hours to get home. i know i could do it, i just wonder if the boys could handle it. decisions, decisions.

they gave us some pictures to take home—they aren’t the most flattering, so alex please forgive me. he looks like a boxer. presenting alex balboa …



sorry about the quality—they’re snapshots of a print out. anyway, you can really see how misshapen his head is and the tort is really clear in these photos. my poor baby.

like i said, the ride home was an adventure. we made lots of stops, including …



i’ve never seen the boys’ eyes so wide.

we also stopped for two, count ’em, two bottle feedings/dirty diaper changes, accompanied by some hysterics.



and we did our share of entertaining. this is me hoping the boys would find the office as funny as tripper and i do. they did not.


all in all a good, but exhausting trip. we even managed to sneak in a coffee with tripper’s college friend jimbo (i forgot my camera at that part), who i hadn’t seen in like 17 years.

now we are packing and getting ready for our trip to nyc tomorrow. i have no idea if i should plan on taking alex’s helmet. if we decide to go with the doc band, there’s no need. if we stay with the current helmet, i don’t want to lose days. ugh, what should we do?!?


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