what’s up, doc?

we’ve made our decision and have decided to go with treatment in charlotte at cranial technologies. their doc band just feels right. we made a list of pros and cons for each situation and all the cons about the doc band were things like money, time and distance whereas all the pros had to do with alex’s health. the list for sticking with the star band was just the opposite. seeing it laid out that way made the choice a no-brainer.

for the record, i don’t think the star band is a bad product, nor do i think the orthotists we’ve seen have been bad—they’ve been wonderful. they even offered to get a new helmet for alex if “the magic was gone” from the one we have. rather than try again and risk wasting precious time, i just think the funny little shape of the doc band is going to do greater good for alex’s funny little head.

so, we’ll be making the long drive to charlotte weekly possibly starting next week. i’ll keep you posted. oh, and if anyone would like to take a day off work to accompany me up there one week, i’d be ever so grateful. just let me know. tripper is going to do as many trips as he can, but he didn’t just go part time. that’s right, starting january 1, 2009, i’ll be a part-timer. great thanks to my fellow slatesters for being so understanding.

ps—any ideas for breaking up with the first helmet people? ugh.


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