we start monday!

i just got the call from cranial technologies and we start monday, dec. 22. our appointment is at 8:30 in the morning. alex’s head will be scanned and they’ll start making his doc band!

our first fitting is january 5, 2009, at 8 in the morning. he has a follow-up adjustment at 11 o’clock the same day. at that appointment, we’ll make our schedule for the weeks to follow.

i feel so relieved.

now we just have to break up with the other orthotists. i wrote out a rough draft of our letter. tripper is making it more professional sounding as i type (i tend to write very conversationally).

Hi Mr. Ed,

Alex’s helmet is still not fitting properly. It no longer covers up his eye, but still really pushes his ear forward. The “sideburn” on that side also digs into his cheek and when he smiles, the helmet rises up on his forehead. We would have contacted you sooner, but we’ve been on vacation in New York city with the boys. We ended up taking Alex’s helmet off as of Friday. (The longest stretch of time he was in it was 12 hours.) He had some red marks on his face and on the flat side that didn’t go away after an hour and his poor cheek was dented in.

Last time we were there for the adjustment, Aaron mentioned if “the magic was lost” we could order up a new helmet and start fresh. Though we appreciate the offer, we’ve decided to seek treatment elsewhere. Before we left for New York, we visited Cranial Technologies up in Charlotte. We feel like the DOC Band technology they use is going to be a better solution for Alex. It’s not as large as the STAR Band, so we’re hopeful it’ll stay put on Alex’s tricky head.

We don’t think the STAR Band is a bad product and we certainly have been happy with you, so we hope you will not take this personally. We just feel like the fit of our current helmet is not a good one for Alex and we don’t want to waste precious time or do more harm than good. We aren’t sure where that leaves us as far as payment. Of course we’d like to return the helmet and not pay for it, but we realize that papers were signed and that might not be possible. Please let us know where we go from here.

Thanks so much,

Tripper and Holly Allen

what do you think?


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